Over the Moon By: Natalie Lloyd

This book was a recommendation from a friend, and I am so glad she told me about it! It is a very good book.

Over the Moon is about a twelve year old girl, Mallie, who lives in Coal Top. Coal Top is a very dreary place; all the boys work at the mines, all the girls work as servants, and of course, the Dust. The people of Coal Top have to be on the lookout for dust clouds and “dustblobs” because breathing in or touching the dust makes you angry or sad.

Before the Dust came, Mallie’s ancestors were starweavers. They could make things out of starlight! But now the Dust has formed a barrier in the sky, and no one knows where it came from or why it’s there.

Mallie has always dreamed of being a starweaver, and she hates working as a servant. So when she hears about some special opportunities, she does whatever it takes because she suspects they might bring her closer to her dreams. On the way, she starts hearing some secrets about the Dust and the monsters in the woods, and meets a man who would do anything to protect those secrets. In fact, he might just be the key to it all.

If you like fantasy, heroines, strong female characters, or any of Natalie Lloyd’s other books, then this is a must read. This book is 290 pages long, and being a Lloyd fan myself, I finished it in about two days.

If you like this book, you might also some other books by Natalie Lloyd. This includes A Snicker of Magic (Click to see my review), The Problim Children (Click to see my review), and The Key to Extraordinary. Natalie Lloyd has written lots of great books, and I have enjoyed every one of them.

Over the Moon is for 3rd graders to 7th graders.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms.

*Parents Only: If you would like to buy Over the Moon, support us by clicking the image below!


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