A Snicker of Magic By Natalie Lloyd

A Snicker of Magic
By: Natalie Lloyd

My school librarian recommended A Snicker of Magic to our class, so I checked it out. It is a very magical and great book. I loved it. Warning: there is also a little bit of sad.

The book is about a girl named Felicity who collects words. She sees words all around her that people are thinking or have something to do with something at the time or place. No one else can see these words, so she collects them. She also “catches poems” for her little sister, Frannie Jo. Felicity has a problem, though; her mom won’t stop moving, so she can’t make any friends, and she can’t call a place home. When she moves to Midnight Gulch, she makes a friend. His name is Jonah. Jonah is the Beedle which means he does nice things for people in secret; very few people know he is the Beedle. Felicity wants to stay in Midnight Gulch, but her mom is already packing up. What is she going to do?

My favorite character is Felicity. She is my favorite character because she collects words, which is super cool! She collects words that I love like spindiddly, splendiferous, and factofabulous. I also like Felicity because she faces one of her biggest fears later in the book. My other favorite character is Frannie Jo. I like her because she is always free and kind and loving. She is like the sweetest little sister ever.

This book is for fourth-fifth.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms. Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

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