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My name is Lexi. I am currently ten years old and am in fifth grade. I started this (when I was eight) because I like reading, and I read a lot of books, so I wanted other people to be able to hear about some of the good books I have read and maybe want to read them as well.

I am hoping that kids will find more books they like by watching and reading my reviews. I am hoping that parents will find good books that will be good for their kids.

My rating scale will be 0 to 5 bookworms.

My reviews will include: what I thought was interesting about the book, main ideas and important characters of the book, what ages of kids might like the book,  other books the author has written that I know about, and anything else I throw in there.

I will take requests of books you would like me to review and try to answer questions you may have.

If you are an author, feel free to send me an advanced copy for review 🙂 I may have mentioned that I love books. 🙂

Enjoy and be sure to follow me!
Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

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  1. Catherine Parke says:

    Hello, Lexi. Thank you for your energizing, informative, and imaginative blog! I’ll be sharing it with my students in Comp 1, in our unit that includes short stories by Virginia Woolf and Margaret Atwood, and an essay by Charles Fowler, “Every Child Needs the Arts” (http://archive.education.jhu.edu/PD/newhorizons/future/creating_the_future/crfut_fowler.cfm)

    Onward with reading and writing! And thanks again.

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  2. Regina Cox says:

    Hi Lexi! You are an amazing girl and I will share your information with my granddaughter Madelynn who lives in Lynden, Washington. My sister Bev forwarded your home page to me and I am very impressed with you. Keep up all of your good work and inspiration for others.

    Regina from Portland, Oregon

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    1. yogawithtg says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much. You can also follow on Facebook “The Reading Rockstar”


  3. Bev Sunderman says:

    Lexi, you are amazing. Your book reviews are wonderful. I am sharing this with my great niece who loves to read, also a couple of friends!

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  4. Heather petkovsek says:

    Lexi- aunt cousin Heather and all your Texas family are incredibly proud of you!
    Way to encourage others to love to read!!!

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  5. Jill says:

    Hi, Lexi! This is your old pal Jill. I taught with your fabulous mom for many years. I am also a good friend of your wonderful dad and your canine pals, as well as a buddy to your little brother. (I don’t want to leave anybody out!) We saw each other most recently at Cheddar’s in Columbia. I am impressed by your selection of novels. Do you read any nonfiction? I mostly read fiction, myself, but I read a nonfiction book every once in a while. I now work at the Columbia Public Library, and I see many, many books for young readers. I will be making some suggestions for reading and/or review in the coming weeks. I would love to discuss some books with you here on your website. Looking forward to “seeing” you on your website.

    Happy reading!

    And Dharma says “hi!”


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  6. Audrey.kelch says:

    Lexi are you going to rate the Harry Potter books?


  7. Audrey.kelch says:

    Lexi I think it is so cool that you made this/P.S it is so cool


  8. Elaine Oldridge says:

    This Is amazing Lexi! I can’t wait to read more.


  9. Valorie Bolle says:

    Lexi – this is awesome. I have a little bookworm a few years younger than you and I’d love to know what your go-to books were when you were around 1st grade if you have any favorites to share! She’s currently reading Junie B Jones and Magic Treehouse – but her birthday is coming up and it’s been a LONG time since I was her age! 😉 Any suggestions?

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  10. Sherry T says:

    This is very exciting, Lexie! I am impressed
    and look forward to your next post.


  11. Mrs. Schwegler says:

    Great job Lexi!


  12. Magi says:

    Do you enjoy reading about historical people? That’s my favorite!


  13. Kay Gardner says:

    This is awesome! And I love your photo😘


  14. Hooray! This is so exciting. I’m so proud of you Lexi. I hope you review Cry Uncle soon I’d love to learn your thoughts about it.

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    1. yogawithtg says:

      Ok. I’ll add it to the list!


  15. Erin says:

    Lexi how awesome! I will be sure to show this to my third grade class I am subbing in! I know you will get great reviews

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