Obsessed By: Allison Britz

Obsessed is a memoir about Allison Britz, the ideal high schooler. She gets straight As, participates in after school activities, and is decently popular with lots of friends. But that all changes when Allison has a dream about getting brain cancer. She becomes convinced that the dream was a warning and starts coming up with ways to stop the cancer from starting.

It starts with avoiding cracks and counting steps, but grows into trading away food, avoiding anything green, avoiding most of her clothes, and no longer using pencils and pens. As her list of dangers grows, her odd behaviors become more and more noticeable. After weeks of brushing of her parents’ questions and concerns, Allison realizes that maybe she does need help. Obsessed shows Allison’s steps to conquering her OCD.

Obsessed is a true story by Allison Britz about her struggle through OCD as a teenager. It shows how hard OCD is, and does a great job of helping readers understand better what OCD is like. Books like this are very important for those with and without OCD.

Obsessed is currently Allison Britz’s only book, but if you like this, you may also like OCDaniel and Sara and the Search for Normal. Check out my review of them here.

This book is for eighth graders through tenth grade readers, but anybody else who would want to read it would enjoy it, too.

I give this book four and three quarters out of five bookworms.

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