Vote Yes: Adair County Library Levy

There is a new levy being proposed in Adair County to improve our public library. This levy would allow the library to expand and improve the technology, create several new areas, such as a teen room and private telehealth rooms, increase the space for materials, and so much more. All this at very little cost to us.

The library benefits the community in many ways. The library provides access to books, music, movies, etc. The library also has free wi-fi, and several public computers. The children’s program hosts many free events for kids in the area. The Summer Reading Program, for example, is one of the most popular events for kids. And the library doesn’t just hold events for kids; there are events for people of all ages: Ukulele classes, Bingo, Teen Book Club, Stargazing, Crafts, and so many more fun activities for the general public to enjoy.

The library has always been important to me, personally, because I read a LOT. I always need new books to read or a new series to start. I also participate in some of the activities that take place at the library, such as Teen Book Club and Harry Potter Night. And I know my brother enjoys many of the children’s activities, along with the majority of his friends. 

The library does everything it possibly can do on its small budget, but by implementing this small levy, we can make a world of difference. The levy for the library hasn’t changed since the library was built, back in the ‘80s. That levy doesn’t provide the necessary funding in order to improve and expand the library. As the world changes and Adair County grows, our library should be able to adapt and expand. Without this levy, the library won’t have the funding to do that.

This levy would help the library to expand their, well, everything. The levy would provide more materials, more activities, more technology, more space, etc. By voting yes on this levy, we can support the library that has always supported us. The library has always been important in this community, especially to children and teens. So cast the vote that we can’t. Support our library, and all of the people who use its resources.


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