City of Ghosts By: Victoria Schwab

City of Ghosts is a book that I read with my local library’s teen book club. I enjoyed it very much, and I’m excited to discuss it with them, along with the other book we read.

City of Ghosts is about Cass. Ever since Cass drowned, and was saved/brought back by a ghost (Jacob), she’s been able to pass into the world of the dead. All she has to do is pull back the Veil. Nobody knows her secret but Jacob, and he can’t exactly tell anyone. After all, he’s a ghost. Together, she and Jacob explore the Veil, experiencing ghosts’ memories, and trying (but often failing) to take pictures of what they see.

But when Cass’s parents take her on a trip for a TV show based on their best-selling supernatural book series, Cass gets to see the more dangerous side of her secret. Edinburgh’s ghosts are a little more vengeful than the ghosts of the suburbs of New York City. These ghosts can pull her into the Veil, and can even steal her life force if she’s not careful!

Ghosts aren’t all Cass finds in Edinburgh; she also finds someone else who can pull back the Veil. This girl knows a lot about the Veil, but will it be enough to keep the tortured ghosts of Edinburgh at bay?

And if you like City of Ghosts, there’s two more in the series: Tunnel of Bones and Bridge of Souls. I haven’t read these yet, but I hope to. Or you could check out some of Victoria Schwab’s other books, like The Secret Series, or The Girl in the Letter. I haven’t read these, either, but I’m sure they’re very good.

I recommend this book for seventh graders through ninth graders, but I’m sure anyone else who would like to read it would enjoy it, too.

I give this book four and three quarters out of five bookworms.

**Parents Only: If you would like to buy any of the books in the series, click on the image of the book(s) you would like.


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