Geek Girl By: Holly Smale

Geek Girl is about Harriet Manners, who has been labeled a geek all her life. But she’s given a chance to change that when she’s dragged on a school field trip to “Birmingham Clothes Show Live” by her best friend, Nat. Nat has been waiting for this field trip her whole life. While there, she wants to be scouted by one of the hundreds of modeling agencies. But Nat’s dreams are shattered (along with merchandise stalls 24D, 24E, 24F, 24G, and 24H) when Harriet trips into a chance in the modeling world.

This could be the chance of a lifetime for Harriet to change her image as a geek. But is it what she really wants? It would mean stealing her best friend’s dream, missing school, and lying to her step-mom. Will Harriet take the chance of a lifetime, or will she keep her life just the way it is?

If you like the sound of Geek Girl, check out the whole series! Holly Smale has written six Geek Girl books. She has also written Happy Girl Lucky and Love Me Not. I haven’t read any of Holly Smale’s other books, but I’ll make sure to update you when I do!

This book is for eighth grade through tenth grade readers, but I’m sure anybody else who wants to would enjoy this book.

I give this book four and a half out of five bookworms.

**Parents Only: If you would like to buy this book, or any of the others in the series, support our blog by clicking the image below of the book(s) you want.


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