York: The Shadow Cipher By: Laura Ruby

York: The Shadow Cipher is the first book in the York Trilogy. I read this book (and series) at the same time as my mom, and we both really enjoyed it.

York: The Shadow Cipher is about Theo and Tess Biederman, who are twins. They are named after Theodore and Theresa Morningstarr, who created New York City. The Morningstarrs created lots of inventions ahead of their time, like solar glass, which soaks up the power from the sun and fuels the city; Lion batteries, which are a type of solar battery that never dies; Rollers, who are robots that clean up the city; Lancelots, that clean and cook for you; and so much more.

They also created the Cipher, which people have been trying to solve for centuries, ever since the Morningstarrs disappeared. The Cipher is a series of clues that is supposed to lead to a treasure larger than you can imagine. And when someone buys Tess and Theo’s building (a building designed by the Morningstarrs with lots of character and unique features, like an elevator that goes side to side and on a different route every time you get on), and plans to destroy it, they decide the only way to save it is to solve the Cipher and buy the building back.

Tess and Theo have one month until their building is destroyed; will they be able to solve the Cipher and save it in time?

This book is for fifth graders-ninth graders, but I think anyone older than that would enjoy it, too. York: The Shadow Cipher is 496 pages long.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms.

**Parents Only: If you would like to buy this book, or any of the others in the series, support us by clicking the image of the book you would like below. Trust us — get all three. They will keep you reading until the end.


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