Magyk By: Angie Sage


By: Angie Sage

I read this book with one of my classes. It was really good! I am currently on the last book in the series.

Magyk is about a family called the Heaps. The are just a normal family who lives in The Ramblings, a tall building with lots of rooms with lots of families. The Heaps had seven sons. One died and was whisked away when he was a newborn baby. Then Silas, the father, found a baby girl alone in the forest. The Heaps took her, named her Jenna, and said she was their own. What they didn’t know was that the queen had had a baby, and the queen and the ExtraOrdinary Wizard had been shot.

Ten years later was a day that changed all of their lives. Marcia Overstrand, the new ExtraOrdinary Wizard, came to the Heap’s room in The Ramblings. She told them that Jenna was actually the queen’s daughter and that she was not safe anymore. She said the Assassin was coming to kill Jenna.

My favorite characters are Jenna and Marcia Overstrand. Jenna is very stubborn, and she really likes the Heaps even when she learns that they aren’t her parents. Marcia is very strict about keeping her clothes clean, especially her purple python shoes, but in this story she gets messy a lot.

This book is for fourth-seventh graders.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms. Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

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