Scientist Academy

Scientist Academy
By: Steve Martin

This book is called Scientist Academy. Inside it has some science activities. Every time you finish a task you put a sticker on that page (stickers are included in the back). Some of the activities include things from home and some don’t. This book has strain your brain type things.

This is a non-fiction book. It has information about famous scientists. It also has things for all different types of science, including physics, chemistry, etc… It has “brain training” and probably a million and one other things.

I think the “brain training” sounds super fun. It has a guess which test tube I’m thinking part you can do and a connect the test tubes thing. It is super fun to me!

I think this book should be for second grade and up (with the help of an adult, of course!).
I give this book four out of five book worms.  Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

**Adults, if you are interested in purchasing this book, please use our affiliate link by clicking on the book cover below. Thanks for your support!


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