Framed! By James Ponti

Framed! By: James Ponti Framed is a really good book! It was a Mark Twain Award Nominee in 2018-2019.Framed is in a trilogy; the other books are called Vanished and Trapped. Framed is about a boy named Florian Bates. Florian has lived all over. He has lived in Boston, Rome, France, and now Washington, D.C….

A Boy Called BAT By Elana K. Arnold

  A Boy Called BAT By: Elana K. Arnold A boy called BAt was great! Elana K. Arnold will even be at the 2019 Truman State University Children’s Literature Festival. I can’t wait to meet her! 🙂 A Boy Called Bat is about a boy named Bixby Alexander Tam, but people call him Bat. Bat…