Out of My Mind By: Sharon M. Draper

Out of My Mind is about a girl named Melody. She’s incredibly smart and remembers literally everything. Just one problem. Nobody knows that because she can’t talk or control her movements. Melody has a condition called cerebral palsy. Because of this condition and the severity of it for her, Melody has no way to show that she’s a genius, at least, until she finds out about a machine that will allow her to “talk.” Her parents get it, and then she finally gets to show her genius. However, not everyone at school will accept that. They won’t believe that Melody can be intelligent with her condition. Despite her classmates’ doubts, she signs up for the Whiz Kids team (the scholastic bowl team) and makes it on! Soon, they have a competition, and if they win, they get to go to Washington D.C. and get a chance to compete in the national competition! Melody just has to hope that her team will accept her before then.

Out of My Mind is a really good book because it helps the reader understand the difficulties of Melody’s condition, cerebral palsy. You really build empathy with Melody and all with her condition.

Sharon M. Draper has also written a sequel, Out of My Heart. She also has written Tears of a Tiger, Stella by Starlight, Blended, Copper Sun, and many others. I haven’t read any of them yet, but I’m hoping to soon.

I recommend this book for fifth graders through ninth graders, but I think anyone older would enjoy it, too.

I give this book five out of five bookworms.

**Parents Only: If you would like to buy this book, or the sequel, support our blog by clicking the image of the book you would like below.


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