Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe

By: Deborah and James Howe

Bunnicula was a really good book. I read Bunnicula in the Spine Crackers book club at the Adair County Public Library.

Bunnicula is narrated by a dog named Harold. One night Harold’s family comes home, and they have a bundle with two eyes looking out. Inside the bundle is a rabbit that they name Bunnicula. Chester, the cat, is convinced the cute little bunny is a vampire. After all, the bunny has fangs, and all the vegetables are turning white. But, you have to ask yourself is Bunnicula a vampire?

There are some things in this book that make it different. The story is never going to just tell you if Bunnicula is a vampire or not; you have to figure it out yourself. There is no main character; it is just chaos. Finally, you don’t know very much about Bunnicula. You know that he is a bunny that was found in a movie theater, he has fangs, and that he seems to prefer vegetable juices over solid vegetables.

This book is for third-fifth grade. Bunnicula would also make a great read aloud. Everyone in the book club liked it.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms.   Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

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