Camp Confidential #4: Alex’s Challenge By Melissa J. Morgan


Camp Confidential #4: Alex’s Challenge
By: Melissa J. Morgan

I started this series just a little while ago. I am already on the twelfth or fourteenth book. This series is really good.

Alex’s Challenge is about a girl named Alex who loves sports. Her only problem is she has diabetes, and she can’t eat a lot of sugar or she will go into diabetic shock. She tries to keep her problem a secret, but her bunkmates are addicted to sugar, and so now that she turns down all the candy they are beginning to notice. It doesn’t help that it seems her friend, Brynn, seems to be turning on her! How is Alex going to fix this?

My favorite character is probably Valerie. Since you probably don’t know who she is I’ll tell you. Valerie is a girl in Alex’s bunk who also has a friend turning on her. Valerie’s friend is Sarah. When Brynn and Sarah turn on their friends they buddy up. This basically leaves Alex and Valerie friendless, so they decide they can be best friends  until their friends come to their senses. I mean, why not? The reason I like Valerie is because she is really friendly and helps Alex.

This book is for kids who are in third grade through fourth. Although if you are in second grade or fifth grade you might also really enjoy it.

I give this 4 ½  bookworms out of 5 bookworms.

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar.

**Adults — if you are interested in purchasing this book, please consider using our affiliate link to do so by clicking on the book cover below. Thanks for supporting the blog.


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