Restart by Gordon Korman


By: Gordon Korman

Restart is an interesting book that you just can’t stop reading. When I was reading it I couldn’t put it down.

Restart is about a boy who was a huge bully who made physical injuries. Then, he falls off a roof and gets a concussion. After he got the concussion he didn’t know who he was and didn’t even recognize his mom.  After he fell off the roof he was also super nice and even started doing the video club. Of course his old best buddies who are also bullies were outraged that Chase, the guy who fell of the roof, was super nice.

My favorite character is Shoshana because she really hates the bully, Chase, but then she likes him, and then she hates him again. I like her because she is very unpredictable.

This is a 3rd-5th grade book.

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms.    Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

**Adults — If you would like to order this book, please support our blog by using the affiliate link below (simply click on the book cover). Thanks!


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