The day we decided to open a Little Free Library

Our Little Free Library

Me and my family made a Little Free Library. We are going to have adult books and kids books.

A Little Free Library is where you can bring a book and if there is a book you like in the library you can trade your book for the book you liked. If you don’t have a book to trade you can just take a book.

There is a website you can go on where it tells you where all the different Little Free Libraries are. To be a real Little Free Library you have to give money to this organization that gives you a charter and puts you on the world map. The website is

Everyone in my family chose one book to put in the library that they put in there for a reason. Each of the books we picked we made trackable through so that we can follow them. At least one of them is already out and about being read!. We made videos of us telling that reason and putting the book in the library. (They are the videos you can watch at the bottom of this post; we originally shared them on our Facebook page “The Reading Rockstar.” Be sure to follow me there as well for special book announcements, deals, and videos.)

Me and my brother had a lemonade stand/garage sale and decided to use some of the money we earned to make a little library. Me and my brother have watched out the window to see if people have stopped at our little library and are constantly checking the guestbook to see if somebody has stopped by. My brother, Emerson, said he wanted to have the library because he wanted to “share his books that he liked with other 5-6 year olds.”

We had the Grand Opening on August third. We cut the ribbon with giant scissors, we had bookworms (gummy worms), we had a make your own bookmark station, and we had a drawing. The grand opening was very successful, and I had tons of fun. We had a big tub of donated books at the end.

So find us on the map in Kirksville, Missouri and come by.

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar


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    Lexi have stared the Unwanteds


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