The Problim Children By: Natalie LLoyd

The Problim Children is about seven children who mostly live on their own in the Swampy Woods while their parents go on expeditions for the Queen of Andorra. There is Mona, the prankster; Toot, who speaks through toots; Wendell, the reader and baker; Thea, who’s motto/mantra is “Every day is a good day for a…

Framed! By James Ponti

Framed! By: James Ponti Framed is a really good book! It was a Mark Twain Award Nominee in 2018-2019.Framed is in a trilogy; the other books are called Vanished and Trapped. Framed is about a boy named Florian Bates. Florian has lived all over. He has lived in Boston, Rome, France, and now Washington, D.C….