Ivy & Bean, Book 2


Ivy & Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go ( Book 2)

By Annie Barrows

Ivy & Bean Book 2
Cover of Annie Barrows’ Ivy & Bean Book 2

Ivy & Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go isn’t as funny as the first one, but it certainly is exciting! This is a first-third grade book.

This book is about Ivy telling Bean about the ghost in the bathroom. Then after a little bit they start a plan to get rid of the ghost. Read Ivy & Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go to find out more.

My favorite character is still both Ivy and Bean. Some people might change their favorite character because we meet a few new characters in this book.

The ghost is supposed to be a pale cloud with eyes like two flashlights.

I give this book 4 bookworms out of 5 bookworms.Bookworm

Lexi, The Reading Rockstar

**Parents Only — If you are interested in purchasing this book, please use our affiliate link below by clicking on the book image.


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  1. Janet Head says:

    I really enjoyed your review. Sounds like Ivy + Bean is a series some of the Zimmer girls would like.

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    1. yogawithtg says:



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